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MusicFest NW is just around the corner, happening September 8 through September 11. Get out Portland and enjoy music, get your groove on, attend an array of venues, scout out new tunes, and explore the vast music scene Portland so graciously offers!

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Musicfest NW is coming to Portland September 8 through September 12, 2010. Attend Portland’s largest music festival and check out national, regional and local bands at a variety of venues throughout Portland.

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Portland- Does this dreary weather have you feeling down? It seems most of us are anxious for the these hard rains to stop falling and the sunshine to clear these darken days. With no sign of the weather easing up this week, let’s generate some options of activities and things to do around Portland despite the gray mornings and afternoons. 


                          Photo Courtesy of Mississippi Studios.

Check-out a new neighborhood and enjoy the vibrant life that’s continually flooding Portland despite the rains. It’s easy to get wrapped up or bogged down with the same routines. Have you ever- Strolled about the Hawthorne District? Watched a live folk band at Mississipi Studios on Mississippi St? Danced among the lively hood of Last Thursday in the Alberta Arts District? Watched an independent film at Cinema 21 in Northwest Portland? If any of these questions don’t spark a memory, it should be a good indication that there’s so much life happening around you and so much more to potentially see!

Visit Powell’s City of books just around the corner from Indigo and indulge yourself with perspectives of new authors and perhaps- a cup of tea. Peet’s Coffee is located right inside Powell’s City Of Books and provides for a relaxing environment to sip on warm drinks, read, contemplate, work, or people watch.


                     Photo Courtesy of Powell’s City of Books.

Exercise! When the weather comes around, this will be a perfect opportunity (minus the current mud puddles) to get out and enjoy the outdoors of the great Northwest and experience the hiking trails, campgrounds, ocean beaches, water sports, Columbia River Gorge, hot springs, etc. Exercise will help you both mentally and physically. Our 24-hour access gym is the perfect place for Indigo Residents to get in a workout without stepping out into the rain or cold. While utilizing our gym, also jump on board with one complimentary personal training session with our on-site personal trainer- Brad Boggs of Benefitness PDX. Better yet-Attend one or our Yoga classes offered by Chelsie (pictured below) here at Indigo four times per week in one of our lovely penthouses.


                       Photo Courtesy of Benefitness PDX.

Check out a movie at one of our local theatres! Living Room Theatres is right around the corner where you can eat and drink while you enjoy a good flick.  Also Regal Pioneer Place Stadium 6, Regal Fox Tower 10, Cinema 21 (located on NW 21st), and McMenamins Mission Theatre are all within a mile of Indigo!