Feel like a god on the Eastbank Esplanade



As a competitive cyclist, I’m accustomed to committing 2-3 hours of my day to a long, enjoyable ride. But life is crazy and sometimes my days get so busy that I don’t always have that much time to committ to my fitness training. On those sad days that I don’t have time for a bike ride, I like to get my fitness fix by jogging down to the waterfront and doing a quick circuit or two of the Waterfront / Eastbank Esplanade Loop.

The loop is a perfect 5k in length and it crosses the two most pedestrian friendly bridges in town, The Hawthorne Bridge and The Steel Bridge. It is very accessible and the Eastbank Esplanade portion offers joggers refreshing views of the river framed by downtown.

What are some of your favorite jogging routes to do near downtown?

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