Up Go The Turbines!



We all prepare...

Finally, in a city as green as Portland, we are stepping it up and putting up the first inner city wind turbines! Seriously, to be on top of that building when the first turbine went up was electric (powered by the wind of course)… 8:00 AM PST the group gathered. Everone from Hoffman construction, to ZGF, to Gerding Edlen… all teeming with excitement to see if we could pull this off. With sheer force and will we hoisted the 50 ft. turbine in the air. By 9:00 we had the first of four towers standing atop Indigo. 9:18 AM the lever is pulled and five minutes later with a slight breeze blowing we were producing our own energy. How’s that for innovation?!  Take a look at stills from this morning!

As you drive Burnside… look up!Here's a perspective of the Turbine on the ground


The blades


Before the blades are attached



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  1. Larry Owen says:

    permission to copy article. I just read your article on “Portland first roof top wind turbines”. I send a free eNewsletter to 39 construction companies every quarter and would like to include your article. What I typically do is print the first paragraph or so in the newsletter and then provide a link to your website to read the rest of the story. Can I get your permission to do the above with your article? If you want to see a copy of my eNewsletter first just let me know. Also Hoffman is one of the companies we insure.
    Thank you
    Larry Owen

  2. matte says:

    You can absolutely post that. Cheers!

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    Great post. I find this to be a really fascinating topic and you put a new spin on it for me. Thanks! :)

  4. That was a nice read,You learn new things each day.

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